How Can We Make Business With You?

It is easy, below you will find a list of business categories and on the right you will find the products range that we can provide for each category.

Your Business

Some Of the Products In that Category

Telecom Operators

  • Cabinet Fiber Distribution Terminal (FDT) , Outdoor , 576 Fiber and up to 768 sub. of HD cabinet
  • Fiber Optic Closure
  • Fiber Access Terminal Closure (FAT)
  • Indoor (ODB) Fiber
  • ODF) Optical Distribution Frame
  • Optical Splitter Box ( OSB)
  • Outdoor Fiber Terminal Box ( FTB )

Power and Electric Companies

  • DIsbo box
  • Gear box
  • Indoor, outdoor units

Lighting companies

  • Steel Pole
  • Fuse box
  • Marker Plate

SEC and Related

  • LV Units
  • Cable comp artmimt
  • Pole mounted metering unit
  • Space heater cover box

Other Vendors and System Integrators

  • Telephone box
  • Fiber optic products