Established in the year of 2000

In the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a manufacturer of value-driven for both Telecommunications and Electrical network products.

Today, it is one of the leading producers in the kingdom, currently serves over 200 customers in Saudi Arabia, the Factory occupy 15,000 square meter and we are proud of its (production technology and capabilities), highly skilled staff, quality management system and quality of products delivered to its clients, that include:

- Telecommunication network products and accessories.

- Electrical network products and accessories.

- IT network products and accessories.

- Indoor/Outdoor LED lighting and street lighting products.

- Fire fighting products.

- Contraction products.

We have won numerous awards for providing best products & accessories.

Through the constant, determined will to keep up & improve our high level of customer service to achieve customer’s satisfaction. TENAS Factory has gained the trust and partnership with strong companies that have a major impact on our market. Some of those companies are listed below:

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Electrical Products


TENAS provide wide range of electrical products, including products for Saudi Electricity Company.

Telecommunications Products


Ready to provide all of telecommunications products, passive or active, from FTTX cabinets and to custom length patch cords.

Network Products


IT cabinets and its accessories, Universal racks and other data center accessories.